Liu Wei

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“If my work in reality has meaning, then it has to do with how it is related to the occurrence of this reality. This relationship isn’t necessarily intrinsic or particularly profound, but it is more like me placing my hand against a wall. It is good to have a relationship that is not necessarily profound, sometimes all you need is to place a hand against a wall, this relationship can already speak for itself, it is more powerful than what I could say about it. “

 –Liu Wei


Liu Wei (b.1972) was born and presently resides in Beijing, China. He was trained as a painter at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou in 1996. Heavily influenced by the instability and fluctuation peculiar to twenty-first century China, in particular with respect to its physical and intellectual landscape. He belongs to the generation of artists – specifically, the Post-Sensibility group. In the years since, with his paintings, videos and large-scale installations Liu has become a singular presence on the global art stage. Post-Duchampian, and actively negotiating with the legacy of the Modern, his works are known for crystallizing the visual and intellectual chaos of China.